I can’t stop thinking about this new 125 Shifter Kart

I can’t stop thinking about this new 125 Shifter Kart I got today man is this thing crazy fast. I took it out on the track for about 3 hours and burn the tires off of it. Pretty complicated learning to use the gears, personal ever up for a downshift, and down for an upshift. There are a lot of drivers at the track that we really really really good but I wasn’t one of them. All I can say is that it takes a long time to learn to race a go kart. Back when I was doing Motocross we used four stroke engines more than two stroke because that’s just the way it was.


Nowadays everybody has the super fast Vortex go-kart engines sometimes Honda. Must have hit a hundred and twenty miles per hour at the end of the back straightaway and then had to break down to 2nd gear for a hairpin corner. All I can say is wow that is so intense man. It was a little kid out there and he was tearing it up in his car. You must have been about 10 years old and he was super fast you really know how to take the corners. Kind of embarrassing when you’re a lot older than 10 and you’re getting yourself beat by a little kid. It took awhile to get the motor turns because the carburetor was very sensitive to the air fuel ratio.


This is what it looked like 🙂

I’m also coming to understand that humidity comes into play a lot. Basically the more water in the air or you can leave me engine out because it’s cooling me engine. It’s sorta like water injection in Top Fuel dragsters. They interact the water into the intake of the engine and it cools the engine off inside. Because of that you can leave the mixture out and make more power. All I know is there’s a lot to learn especially when it starts to rain. Why are these things hard to control in the rain? Probably because they have so much horsepower and torque for such a light vehicle. Invited some friends out to drive how much for them.


They said they didn’t want to crash my shifter kart and I don’t really want them to crash it either. The tires really got worn out after a few hours but that’s okay I’ll just buy more. The real challenge is physically it’s very tiring to drive a go kart so I will have to work on my fitness for the next session at the track. Until then stayfast my friends!

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